The Lay of LinkedIn

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Well OK LinkedIn – you’ve gone IPO, gotten rich, kicked off from using your API and “making money from it”, but now what? Where does this application platform move next? Unlike Facebook, there are really not the same kind of extensions that are compatible with the core competency of LinkedIn? How would one spend time on this site, other than seeking and retrieving information (such as contacts / jobs), and perhaps updating their resume.

Which Road to Hoe?

Success Factors may also be a target – if LinkedIn is to fulfill the circle of recruitment, the foraging by recruiters could be done through LinkedIn, then tracked through the interview and hiring process and reviewed within the application itself. The more information that LinkedIn has about their members, the more of a value this tool becomes.

Industry Training

Providing industry education and training immediately come to mind. In the tech world, online tutorials, screencasts and live response tech support seem to be the norm when considering vocational training, in the tech world at least. LinkedIn would be a solid match for this, given the users pre-labeling of their interests and stated skillset. Like Android programming? We can offer classes and certifications, much like oDesk, Guru or eLance uses to +1 good people. When a recruiter finds you via LinkedIn, the badges can bump your status and cred.

From Actual to Physical

Another logical venue would be to purchase or partner with someone like, to actualize all of these virtual connections being created through LinkedIn profiles. Currently, there is much dialog with the Discussion Groups from within various trades, but no extensions to location-based meeting. Incorporating a physical, ‘let’s not just talk about it – let’s do it’ presence elevates LinkedIn to more of social platform than professional, although calling nerd meetups “social” events would be a stretch by any imagination. Instead, much aimless staring and random blinking suffices for communication, at least at the meetup groups I attend.

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